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February 28, 2008

i was said goodbye to my 18 years old yesterday .It's the first birthday i celebrate in university out of my hometown.Fortunatelly,my friends bought a beautiful cake and many intresting gifts to me:)i was in the heaven yesterday,hahaha:)Thanks to my dear mum cus she gave birth to me and bring me up.She havs been enlighted me a lot!of course thanks to my dear dad!Thanks to my Dear friends,no matter who they are,Chinese or foreigners  and no matter where they are,in china or in the rest place of world .Thanks again:)

09:41 AM Feb 28 2008


Russian Federation

I wish you will make yourself more kindness)

03:27 AM Feb 28 2008

david osei

hello my friend . how are you . my name is david and i want to be your friend . so let as write , this is my e-mail address


February 4, 2008

one of my favouratest songs is named<be what u wanna be>:i know u could not be the top but just be what u wanna be...really,never give up,face ur life.everything wil be ok...dont be shy. just try it.


February 1, 2008

when i first time meet him,he was 23 and i was 16.He is tall not handsome but his voice is pretty charming.His voice is the most charmist voice i have ever hear.Since then,my whole life was changed.He became my oral english teacher and enlighted me a lot,which helped me to maturer and maturer in mental.He is into hold parties to celcbrate all kinds of festival,expecially for the New Year.Actually i am the youngest friend he has.Fortunatelly,he trust me and encouraged me to organize some vital gethering which made me sociable and developed my abilities.Through have a better understanding with him,i found he is beautiful inside.To be honest,i had crush on him for one year that was why i always help him to organize some parties no matter what important things i should do.His 24 years old birthday party was hold in the best bar in my hometown and he has invited some of his closer friends.I was lucky cus i was invited.In order to join it,i play-hooky.in the bar,a french guy came up to me and got down on his knee to invit me to dance with him.in the situation,it made me so embarassed.Finally he helped me.However,i know we are so different and it was impossible for us to be couple so i managed to control my thinking...Currently,i am study in university in other city but i come back to joij his new year party to see him who i treat as my older brother.In addition,i and his girlfriend are soulmates.