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Jolin Chou

Jolin Chou


December 1, 2007

     Till now,I still don't figure out how people change themselves and why when they're going to abroad.My best friend,I thought she was,and now,she totlely became another person that I've never know,she was born in Yichun,and we were classmates when  in Senior school,and she went to Guangzhou at the 2nd grade,then,she refused to tell others that she's born in Yichun,and maybe she's shamed about telling the trueth,she said she's a local of Guangzhou and there's one thing I have to admit that she's really smart,she learned their language before she came there,and she was trying hard to pretented herself as a rich,maybe she wanted more like the Guangzhou people,then she did it,and I was told to tell the lie for her,I don't know why I should do this,but I promise her to.

      Then we're college students,she worked hard for 2 years,change many boyfriends,finally,she hunted one guy who is from UK and he's a presedent of his university,Carrie,the girl I mentioned in my fist dairy,she finally went to UK with his help and had a job there,I was really proud of her because she turned her dream come ture,she went to the city she dreamed about,and we could still keep in touch with MSN,but I was wrong.It seems like she doesn't want to have a  friend like me,no money,no power,and I'm in China,maybe I could pretented as a  Japanese or if I were in UK now,and she would be so happy to have such a friend!

      I cared about her,everytime she's on line I was trying to leave massege,greeting her and asking if I could help,but she always said "I'm busy,I was working"or even doesn't answer me at all,and I know she's really doing her own bussiness,chating with other guys who's American or Italian,she would very like to talk about her life  with them who live in abroad too,but she doesn't like talking to me,because of my poor background,I know that,even she always tell me I'm her best friend but I can feel that she was lieing.So,what can I do?This is a friend could be,I learn a lot from her,so I  stop concerning her,I'm really tired to have such a friend,so,let it be!You live your life and I live mine,nothing will be happened between us,and you're not my friend anymore,and you would never worried about your secret,I can keep it for you,and,don't tell me again that I am always your best friend,coz I'll not from now on ,I can't take it anymore,I want to release myself,I want to take some fresh air and I want to be more better to my other friends,those whom really care about me,and that will never be you!

03:56 AM Dec 02 2007

Jolin Chou

Jolin Chou

     Maybe I'm right,but I still sad!~

12:00 AM Dec 02 2007



You are right.Let it be!

November 20, 2007

       These days,some more people appeared in my msn since I put my adress on net,however,I've been thinking about a question that what's friend?How can be friends with each other?

       Some people want to chat with cam or we're not friends,then I always ask them"do you think no cam,no friendship?"They say yes,gosh!I can't believe that,actually,I don't care what you look like,where are ya from,and what colour you are,I just want someone who can talk and share with me,and I don't want to make friends with someone ask me to use the cam since we met for the first time!

      So,if you just want to see beauties or your purpuse of making friends with me is not so~~~~(you know what I'm gonna to say haa),then don't add my msn!

05:47 PM Nov 21 2007

Jolin Chou

Jolin Chou

Thank you for adding me,and I'll be very happy you agree with my point,I happened to some bored people who kept asking my pics in msn,that's really make me unhappy!

01:40 PM Nov 21 2007


i totally agree with you!

it's pretty hard for everyone to make friends, especially when you are in different society, different age, diverse necessity, and so on~~

well, I add you to my MSN !

November 16, 2007


        This is my msn,you can add me if you like,but I only want to talk to person who's friendly and please don't ask me about my pics,I want to know a person's heart,not your look.

06:45 AM Nov 16 2007



hi I added you on my msn

I am mutalip from turkey

take care

byeee hehe hehe :)