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Jolin Chou

Jolin Chou


November 2, 2007

      Something weird happened to me recently,a old lady want to give some bucks for my keeping her dogs,I can't believe that.But I really recieve E-mails and a call from UK,does those money came from normally?I'm really scared about that,how can I do?

October 24, 2007

Dear Carrie,

       Today is the 20th day since you've gone to Britan,I really want to tell you that I miss you so much.You're my best friend and you're so stick in turing your dream come ture,you did it!You have a UK boyfriend and You're now study beside his college.

      Sometimes I feel sad when all feelings mix together,since we know each other,I learn a lot from you,you teach me brave,you make me strong and accept many new things,you're so kind and so helpful to me.When you decided to go abroad,I told you that I will cross my fingers and pray for you,wish everything goes on well with you,my little angel,remenber,I'm always with you,coz we're together!

08:58 PM Oct 24 2007

bent zayed
United Arab Emirates

welcom J&D to u new home and between u freind..



08:30 PM Oct 24 2007



hi,miss chou! Are u come from JiangXi China?I hope you do not give up.