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Flying dream

song j

song j


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October 12, 2009

      I fell in love with a man at the frist sight three years ago.His name is Wood.He is one year older than me.He is a holder of a master's degree.But at that time,he was busy with his study and didn't have time to share with me.I knew he has not been sure about whether he loved me. 

September 26, 2009

I have a dream.I want to become richer and powerer,so that I can do everything I need ,for example ,to help the person who need help,to make my parents' life comfortable.I know I must work hard.Now I'm a good teacher. My students like me very much.I feel happy and I like teaching.I will work harder and harder and try my best to do what I want .

05:17 PM Sep 26 2009



having a dream is one of the most important thing in our lives... our dreams keep us going ahead, going through difficult times...

Never give up!!

02:43 AM Sep 26 2009


Viet Nam

Ok, you are good to think so. I beleave that you will be a good teacher

02:37 AM Sep 26 2009



SmileHi Teacher

You are good thinking and much of powerful and when the people will succeed must be internal energy and everything will be for you finished you can teacher.