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April 27, 2009

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February 17, 2009

Hi, I am Oleg from UkraineSmile and I want to make the board of most wanted wishes of people,so if you have some dreams,wishes or desires, you can write it here on my board of wishes and I am sure that your dreams will be reach very soon and you will feel very great sensations after that.Wink

So, let me start ,from bit of my most desires and wishes,so lets go:

SmileI wanna always,every day of my life, to begin with a perfect mood and smile,because life is beautiful.

LaughingI wanna that all people around me will be happy and hospitable and not need in the money

WinkI wanna to visit a lot of places of the world,I like to travel,especially I wanna go to Hawaii,New Yerk,Egipt and Moscow City  

So now you can continue my board of desires and I know that all of yours desires will come to you soon,so be happy and have only good wishes!!! SmileLaughingLaughing