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Cool Lady

Cool Lady

United Arab Emirates

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November 11, 2007

Why u r the one?

Why do I like u ?

Why doI want u?

Why do I fall in love with u?

Why doI need u every time?

WhyI love u?




November 5, 2007

Hi all

people fall in love with each other

but do u know who i believe was the best lover

he is Romeo

i am just thinking about the crazy that this love bring.

so i believe that love mean

i need u

i want u

i adore u

see u when see  u

07:32 AM Nov 07 2007

Cool Lady

Cool Lady
United Arab Emirates

hi there

u r ofcourse right

this is the sweet about love

people now adays can not see the love, the real one

people please fall in love

try it

live it

feel it

and die for it

this is love

12:32 AM Nov 07 2007


When someone loves u, the way he say ur name is different. u know that ur name is safe in his mouth and u can feel the melody of ur name when he call u.