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i think of U

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cute kass

cute kass


January 7, 2010

I hve been tinking of U, N da way U make me feel.
I'm geting scared nw cause tdse feelings feel so real,
I've always felt it,but itz neva been dis strong
I cant fall nw .I've got 2 hold on.
When my eyes r on U itz so hard 2 luk away.
When itz tym 2 leave U,I so badly want 2 stay.
I want 2 tell U
Whatz runing through my head,But 4 nw I'll jzt keep it 2 myself instead,
Cause I want noting 2 jeopardize
Da frendship dat v created ova da years n I dont want 2 b left
</3 and in tears.
I want U 2 knw hw I feel,n dat I mean it, sumtymz I jzt want 2 scream it, itz real.
Dese words hve been bottled up inside
Dey xplain da feelings I hide N da failed tymz I've tried
I dont knw hw much longer I will keep dis in,
Tinking of ways, Dont knw where 2 begin.
Deeply confused, Dont knw wht 2 do,
I'll jzt leave it b, wait n c, It will happen if itz meant 2 b.
I hve ur frendship, Bt I rally want ur <3
Dis is tearing me apart; I dont knw wht 2 do
I jzt want 2 b wid U, Make U =] n make U smile.
Though tymz I cant c U 4 a while,
Its only cause my <3 desires cant be filled.
Itz hard 2 knw ur wid sum1 else.When all I want is U here wid me,
I want 2 show U wht dis could b; I dont want 2 tell U
I want U 2 jzt open up ur eyes n c.

I want U 2 feel it, Da feelings dat I feel,I really want 2 show dem,
Dse feelings r so real,Bt I cant show U,
I probably neva will b’cause I want 2 walk,bt ur standing still.
Dse r da feelings inside me,dat r locked away,Waiting 2 b free,

Drowning my <3 in misery

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