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Story Of Cuxt




January 3, 2010

Hppy New Year All..

i hope i can really do something big in 2010..
got a lot of jobs...
done my Final Year in the university..
doing great in my career as an IT consutant.. haha... 

how bout u? 

September 9, 2009

damn... i wrote up so many pages and its all dissapear bcoz my damn inet connection...


its useless yelling at my computer... only one solution.. write it again...

well, while hearing 1 minutes 1 second by epik high... i started to remember what i wrote earlier.. --a...

first thing comes out from my mind is about my bank account ballance... its only 100.000 rupiah = US$ 10 .. so sad... and i must wait until 20th september to get more money... T_T... while i was low on money my website hasn't give me any money yet.. T_T.. so sadddd..... well i think i must find a way to earn more money this month... any idea???

okay2... time for the melancholy stories.... lol...

when i opened this blogs... i remembered... a year ago i was a fool... yeah... a boy who being thrown away by his girlfriend bcozz he is still so childish... bcoz he is too needy... and right now when i see my self.. i'm not that boy anymore... well pain has gave me a lot of thing to learn... and i'm gladly gonna teach everyone what i have learnt... (even i'm not as good as mystery or xron or mr.jul or mr.rey but i'll try my best)...


today tips:

- Keep Your Money!!!! - dress up neatly when u'r gonna first time approach a woman... bcoz first attraction will give your first value.. it maybe didn't makes a lot of difference when u're playing long time rules... but it will makes your way to go easier.. trust me...

hows the 2nd move? hehehhe wait up... i'll write it up tommorow if i'm not busy... if i'm busy thats mean next week... ^^d

my tech website: http://www.life4tech.com
my about me sites: http://kogepanandyotsuba.wordpress.com

September 3, 2009

check it out guys.. its my new website..

its about technology

plz check it out


my new website: visit it: http://life4tech.com

05:09 AM Sep 03 2009



don't worry we will loooooking for about many thing in your web side 

am ahmed / sudanese 16 years .am in last year in secondary schoooooooool