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May 27, 2008

its 21:14, 27th May 2008..

so Bored after doing some coding today...
finally i finished 1 practice problems... still have 29 to go...

the indonesian ACM/ICPC 2008 will be held in 1 June 2008... its Qualification rounds..
i'm not so sure i can reach the final rounds...
cozz my teammate sucks... the tournaments haven't begin but they are already giving up... WTF!!!

if they were didn't have any guts to participating in the Tournaments... Why did they Sign Up???..

 its really2 makin me mad... cozz this Tournament is everything for me.. its my ticket to get out from indo as soon as possible..

anybody hav any suggestion what should i do? 

I Gotta Do another practice problems.. >.< Still 29 to go.. 5 days to go... T_T

Ganbatte Cuxxie..

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