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April 14, 2013

    Since China is more and more international, English is more and more important in our lives. I have learnt English for 6 years, but I find that I can just read and understand some easy English articles or write some easy sentences. My oral English and listening are still very poor! So I know I should not just depend on the textbooks,and I should learn to communicate with others in English. 

    A Czech friend once said that if you wanna improve your English, you should practice English everyday. I think it is right. I registered skype, facebook and twitter, and I began to listen to English songs and watch American dramas. But there are still some problems. 

  1. I couldn't follow what the actors said in the dramas. I thought they talk with each other so fast that I don't have time to reflect. Without the subtitle I couldn't understand clearly. 

    2. I couldn't follow the lyrics of the English songs. I just listened to the melody and don't know what the meaning of the lyric and what this song express. It is only some easy sentences that I can understand. 

    3. I met some people who want to chat with me. But they just asked me about the nickname or number of my skype and facebook. After adding me few of them would contact me and practice English together. I did't know why they add me at first. Did they just want to make friends? Sometimes I went to chatting rooms and have a talk. But after greeting we didn't have other topics to talk about. 

   Recently I have a Russian partner. He is very kind and willing to practice English with me. I think this experience is very cool. I will never stop learning English. Maybe someday in the future I can travel around the world and talk with natives in that country using fluent English.

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11:55 PM Apr 19 2013

United States

Hello CyrilCui,

You're in a good position to take your English to the next level because you have accurately assessed your English ability.  I invite you to our dialogue series.