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C'est La Vie



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April 5, 2008


i was not good at dealing with my bad mood.
sometimes i just can't hide my feelings,
i can't deny that i am a sensitive girl and sometimes overthinking.
i tried my best to control my freakish behavior while i was in a bad mood ,but to no avail.
it's really sorry to those who are caring me.
i was not willing to hide my Smiles,
but whenever i thought of what my folks told me, i would do it unintentionally.
i didn't treat yours in the clammy way on purpose.
i just couldn't control my attitude.

my dearest folks,
when can you two be proud of me instead of just looking down on me?
and stop calling me " RUBBISH "
coz you gave birth to me.
if i were the rubbish, you might be the rubbish as well.
No matter how much efforts i make,  you just can't see it .
then it's really OK for me....
coz forgiveness is everything.
i would learn how to forgive then and do what i want to do.

i am  really exausted now...


i hope i can deal with every problem eventually,
no matter how tough the process was.
but sometimes i just find that i couldn't do anything in the end
what on earth should i do besides the uselessly hard working?
i felt quite impotent to resist my Dear folks.
why i should do whatever they want me to do?
i am already not a little kid.
i don't purposely look everything in the dark side...
but when can I turn the miserable life into the cheerful life?
i was totally worn out in the end...

sometimes when it comes to my future, i am at sea.

"you must always do what you feel is best for yourself " said kathy.
How could the life be so tough?

March 16, 2008


I knew that I was in wrong. you didn't need to tell me.

but if I totally forget my responsibility, you could tell me tenderly instead.

you meant that I didn't care about my family at all?

have you ever thought about why I treated yours with indifference?

 it's all your fault, isn't? you hate me, so do I.

but I will still treat you well no matter how you treat me.

 coz you are my folks.

To be sure, I can't deny that you are difinately nice to me sometimes.

that's where the shoe pinches.

woe, am I a problem child?

I hope I am not... but who knows?

I am almost an adult.

the most important thing is to be more mature.

anyway, I will do my best... and I promise that I will not treat my kids in the same way!

 God Bless Me.

November 24, 2007

I am a senior in high school.

my daily life is full of exams.

I just can't help but burst into tears after each exam...

I am inferior to any classmate in my class.

That's shamful! I am a classleader...

how come?

03:50 AM Nov 24 2007


I got it..

maybe one day...tears of sorrow would turn into tears of joy.

03:41 AM Nov 24 2007


Finding something to entertain you is very essential for you at this time, I believe. Listen to light music or do other things you like in your spare time.

03:34 AM Nov 24 2007


Taking examination is just a part of student life. Just relax. Everyone experienced that time in one' lifetime.