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October 27, 2009

This is my first English blog after my broken Chinese blog. I wish I can get it long for ever.

Recently, I am watching American TV play--Friends. It's old but interesting. I like it, also does my older brother. For prepareing my interview of Shangri-La, my brother suggest me to watch it and practice my spoken English constantly. I think I'll be better.

Yestoday there was not much work to do. I was watching "Friends" for all the afternoon. My friends and family usually make jokes of my job, which is too comfortable to get salary. But I feel uncomfortable to do this job, I'm just like an old women with a common family and a lot of children, as the same to my colleagues.

I have a boyfriend who loves me a lot. But love is not all my life, I want my  favourite job. There are both of them in my life that must be perfect.

Okay,that's it.Frown

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