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November 22, 2007

      Today is Thanksgiving Day,I think it is an important festival though it is not from China and not very famous in China.

     There are too  many people and things to be appreciated .As for me--my parents provide me with the opportunity to attend a university so that I can fly higher than the coevals in my hometown.

   The school provides us with beautiful classroom buildings and modern basketball court so that I can study well and play to my heart's content.

   Classmates and friends do me many favors in my study and life so that I can get more and faster and share the happiness and wormth of friendship with them.

   The beautiful girl gives me a magic smile so that I cann't forget her in many days, which promotes me to make efforts to pursue that .

    The quiet night gives me a cool head so that I can communicate with my heart calmly.It keep the flippancy off me .

    OK,that is not all,I will also appreciate your viewing just now.HAPPY THANKSGIVING.Cool


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09:59 PM Nov 22 2007

lulusa n

It is so nice what you said and I agree with you !I hope to make friend with you ,I also a collegue student!