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November 24, 2007

    Yesterday I had a dream which was so strange and distinct that I doubted it will come true someday.
    I have noticed the girl in class3 with which we often have lessons together,of course she is  very pretty and pure,but I am shy before the beautiful girls,indeed,it is hard to find a opportunity to attach her.
    Lastnight in my dream everything changed,I wrote a love letter and told my friend in class3 to send it to the girl,by the way,it is nameless.
    I told him,"If she is interested after viewing,give her these",these are some photoes including some roommates and some ugly stars.-----"let her guess who is the writer from these,"--
   "If she is right ,tell her 'CONGRADUATIONS,you are right,for the sake of god ,this is his telephone number,he will meet u soon'"---
  "If not right ,tell her'oh,you have two chances in total for inaccuracy'"--
   "If she is right ,say that just now,if wrong again,u can only say'My god ,there is no predeterminate knot between u and him',and show a pity,--"
    How perfect was the plan,but everything changed again,after a while ,my friend replied to me "I hate this work,in fact ,not only u are interested in her",oh,my god ,I was so despressing and bored that I cann't stop waking up.

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