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November 8, 2007

How should we deal with stress?  After graducating from the high school and entrolling in the university, I felt the biggest problem is that: it seems like that I am a free and happy girl without uncontrolling of parents and teachers neither on study nor on life, but the fact is not like that:  I suffer from the stress and anxiety now and then for I don’t know how to spend the time and learn to do everything in person. In other’s eyes,I always take my schoolbag to study, to be honest, I don’t know how much I really understand and keep in mind. I also want to broaden my extent of knowledge, all these make me anguish. At this point, I always walk to a quiet avenue and sit down to the grass, deeply breath, then lay a book I like on my leg, and begin to read, follow the main role’s sadness and happiness, I am also sad or happy, while taking myself out of the story, I always forget all. Besides, I would like to find a confident to talk , speak out what I am anguish with, listening to situation all can not meet with, I am willing to find a corner to listen to other music or to play  ping pong, basketball, run and so on.  In my opinion, appropriate stress is needed ,because after that, our mood like the rainbow is much more excellent, yet it must be controlled to some proper extent.  After stress, you yet must confront with all want you must face, you must try to do it by yourself. It is said that:keep sadness all day it is a day, keep happiness all day it is also a day, then why not lead a happy day? So trying to control your spirit high.

November 8, 2007

Standing in the street of a completely stranger place and looking at the cars and buses to and fro, I know I can’t find the peace of heart as at home.

There are no birds singing, flowers waving to you. Sincerely regretted, you can see buildings, busy people and plenty of cars. Everyone goes through everyday as fast as they can. They have to contract with their family in the way that computer, mobile-phone even less no hear that long. Letters to family are previous. Presents for parents and they will savor them again and again no matter that it is just a wish from their sons or daughters, they always put their heart on their sons and daughters.The poverty and the gap between rich and poor are also the social problem. More and more people prefer to wear pricey dresses as if just this, they can stand in the front of others equally and talk with people loudly. They would never be willing to pay attention to the problem of environment and the children who have to stay at home because of lack of money. That’s right the hi-tech can help us solve lots of events, washing, clearing, writing, delivering, but can you share the acid , sweet, bitter, pepper and salt from life? It’s a pity.Living in the high floors but you have no free time to share the sunbath, the flowers died lacking of water because your work and rest schedule contradict with common.Have you ever stared at a spangle thing quietly and asked why it would be this? Have you ever listening to birds singing and recognized which bird it is? Have you ever thought you have a confidant with whom you can talk whatever you think, even you have a friend? It’s terrible.All these are life. If you live without water, air, sun, if you live without friend and talk. That’s to say, you are alone, do you think you will live longer. Life is life. Reality is life.

November 7, 2007

Forever because I do not know how far, I have never said never Because I do not know what is love, I love never Introduction Because I really do not know whether the commitment, I have never promised not to Because I know I will get and lost, so I see laughter and Loss Because so many do not know, I just want to let their simple pleasure But I did not learn not cry, because my eyes have become accustomed to tears They think they are very free and easy, that they are strong, However disappointing the tears always quietly slide How far are always in the end, my life is how many people will go through I will stop for whom I tousled dance steps Proud of what is behind the soul, whether leaving only落寞of sorrow I said I will give you a smile, I said that I would remain bearish all But now I do not know how I grasp, fail to understand the soul of the total in tears