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July 30, 2012

We have fallen in love for more than half year.I feel that l am so lucky since we met.You are not a handsome boy ,but you love me and care for me . I feel so smooth and steady.But you are not in QINGDAO. We are in long-distance relationships. Although we can't meet each other frequently, I believe we can go forever.I have your parents ,they are very friendly . Let work hard ,and waitting the day we are together

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View all entries from 猪头小仙-jasmine >

03:21 PM Aug 07 2012


MasbararSuper Member!

It's hard long-distance relationships.As you are far away and you can not see whenever you want,you always miss.But from a side it's good.The love can last a long time,but they have to see each other maybe every 2-3 months minimum.If they cannot see,it will be boring.Good luck