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September 26, 2009

Currently I’m teaching in the middle of this metropolitan city. I’m teaching in the afternoon session. I have one student who is always late to school and he comes to school with a dirty shoes and dirty shirt. Every time I ask him about his dirty shoes and shirt, he didn’t give me any answer.

At first I can be patient about his dirty shoes and shirt but he continously coming late to school and I can’t bear with him anymore! At first I just gave him warnings and he just gave me a slight bowing without looking at my face. Then I gave second warning, he acted the same. Then he did the same mistake once again. This time I have no choice except to cane him. He still didn’t say anything even he allowed me to cane him. He’s not even trying to defend himself only tears streaming down his cheeks. The next day he was late again and I caned him twice! But that didn’t change anything, he keep on coming late to school.

So one day I decided to go to his house. After getting the address from his form teacher, I went to his house alone. He lives in unproper housing area. All the houses there were not perfect. Most of the houses were made from wattles and straw. I couldn’t believe with my own eyes! I didn’t expect there were such houses in this area. Then, I saw my student and he was standing infront of his house with a worried face. A woman who stood beside him also had the same expression.

About 1.30pm, a young boy almost the same age with my student was running as fast as he could towards the house. While running he took off his shirt. When he arrived at the house, he quickly gave the shirt and shoes to my student! Without waiting, my student hurriedly wore the shirt and shoes then he ran towards school.

I went back to school feeling regret. I called the student and I tried to hold my tears while I speak to him.

“I’m so sorry. I went to your house, I was hiding behind the bushes. Who was the boy who gave you the shirt and shoes?”

He was shocked then he said “He is my brother. We actually share the same shoes and shirt because we only have them one. My mother couldn’t afford to buy for us. I’m sorry teacher, I didn’t mean to come to school late everyday. I don’t have any other choice.”

“Why you didn’t say anything to me?” I asked.

“My mother always tell us not to ask from people and not to tell anything about our poverty. Mom says there are other people who is less fortunate then us”  he said.

Without waiting any longer, I hugged the students and said “I’m so sorry…….”

09:59 AM Oct 13 2009



dear ekienn

 Yes. I'm Sorry.  there are similiar poverty story in different  part of the world like my country.  This is destiny of man. Some of them are  rich and some of them are poor.  God helps all people in the world. 

12:08 AM Oct 07 2009


I love your entry, it's so touchy story...hope I can help people more over...

02:05 AM Sep 27 2009



hi,you are a good teacher. I have been a teacher for almost 10 years in a poverty area. I have the same feeling sometimes.

10:45 PM Sep 26 2009


HI  Ekieen, is this the real story?  if yes then it is very sad,  we , the educated pple are not doing anything for the upliftment of poor, pple.  oke keep writing.



05:06 PM Sep 26 2009



well... even though this story is true, it's difficult to cope with this. =/

September 25, 2009

Hi everybody

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11:20 AM Sep 25 2009


hello eKieen good luck for you .I hope to accept improving my english with you

09:36 AM Sep 25 2009



so... welcome, ekieen... and learning English is our common goal... push yourself hard :)

good lucky!!