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United States

May 2, 2011

Hi friends! How are you? It's been quite a while! I can't believe it's finally spring! I've been doing the usual, trying to balance work and play. This snowboarding season has been amazing. One of spots I frequent, Meadows, received the most snow in the entire world, compared to all the other resorts! I went over the weekend and it was amazing! Blue skies all day and it was warm enough to snowboard in a tank top and sunglasses! So amazing!

In other news, I’ve decided to finally pursue a dormant passion, filming! I just purchased a Canon T3i Rebel and intend on starting quite a few fun projects. I’ve always loved to film. I got my first video camera when I was in 6th grade. I filmed EVERYTHING, but when I moved to Oregon and got more involved in high school, my interest had to be put aside. Now that I have some time and the resources, I can finally get back into it! So exciting!

Also, I recently purchased a bicycle. FINALLY! Portland is a very bicycle-friendly city so it was about time I joined in on the fun! I live five minutes driving distance from downtown, so I figured it would be a good workout to ride to my work and enjoy the awesome weather when it comes. I got a white bicycle that is known as a hybrid, good for both road biking and mild mountain trails! How do you get around where you live? My new bike:


And for some fun stuff, I did an awesome shoot with photographer, Simon Wan. It was really fun. My sister did my hair and make-up. The shots turned out great. Hope you enjoy them too!


Well, friends, hope all is well in your neck of the woods, keep learning and stay safe wherever in the world you are!

08:10 AM Sep 25 2011



Amazzing Smile

03:19 PM Jul 24 2011

Sarah Morad
Palestinian Territory, Occupied

keep up so nice 

07:05 PM Jul 19 2011



I'm not sure that I like this one so much - maybe the lighting or maybe your stance - I'm not sure.  But yeah, I agree with the others - you are quite photographical.  Anyway keep up the fun.  Take care.  

Ah! I hope that I didn't offend anyone - just a friendly comment is all.

06:45 AM Jul 13 2011

United States

I enjoyed your photos, it seems you have a knack for modelling.

05:19 AM Jul 13 2011



It was amazing. Good pictures, cool place and the most beautifull model I saw!

01:42 AM Jun 10 2011

stroller reviews

nice blog~!!!!


04:22 AM May 14 2011


Saudi Arabia

nice way to express yourself

11:31 PM May 13 2011

nisar khan

your body structure is very impressive and picture is very staylish

January 31, 2011

This month has been a very stressful month. Things at work have been very crazy and I've been working over time! Also, I've been trying to deal with family and personal issues. With everything going on this month, I've come to see that I don't deal with stress very well. I have no clue how to express my feelings sometimes. I'm pretty much happy 90% of the time, so when I am not happy, I just have no clue what to do with myself. What do you do to deal with stress?

As usual, I've been doing a lot of snowboarding on Mt. Hood, which has been fun, but unfortunately, the snow has not been so fabulous! I'm excited for spring to get here though and start spring skiing.

No big trips were planned this month, but I did do a last minute vacation to Seattle. We stayed at an amazing 5 star hotel and had a great night out on the town!

This has been a very busy month for photoshoots though. I did the spring catalog for Leanna NYC and then a charity fashion show for the Ronald McDonald house. Hope you enjoy the pictures!



Learn lots of English and be safe and have fun wherever in the world you are!!



04:31 AM Apr 07 2011


hi Ella...how r u? it is not nessesary that who has we want its to meet recently..so try urself and be happy...will we be friend?

08:58 PM Mar 21 2011

javier armando

hey hottie,how hot you look !

03:48 AM Mar 21 2011

Viet Nam

Dont worry, everything will be better if we make a great effort. I believe you will go pass it.

12:52 AM Mar 03 2011



hello i think the solution i have its little bit science thing but its works, use something

called the triad if you ever to tony robbins you know what i am talking about.but 

basicly try this whatever you have stress ask yourself what i have to believe in order

to feel this feeling and believe you find it absurd and them change how you stand

or to you talk yourself in cheerful way,and by doing this in consistently you feel deal the stress very good and i hope you have calm and happy life.  

07:01 AM Mar 01 2011


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04:46 AM Mar 01 2011


Being stressed out means you have been overdoing something,e.g. work while neglecting many other things which you normally do,e.g watch tv if you really enjoy it.

Although doing exercise like skiing may help you shake off the lethargy, your mood needs to be rejuvenated like chatting with a close friend, laughing or just doing some gardening.

But best of all, switch to meditation.

12:28 PM Feb 28 2011

United Kingdom

When stressed, go for a long walk  near the sea side and swim.  you will be happy and light in your mind.

06:13 AM Feb 28 2011


you are very beautiful! you should be very happy,不要庸人自扰

08:29 AM Feb 16 2011

United States

You're lucky you live in the vicinity of Mt Hood. I've heard it's some of the best boarding in the entire US. I've been stuck with dodging trees on the way down in most of the hills in Montana, or dodging the rocks in Europe.

Keep on, keepin on, we all have stressful months!

05:42 AM Feb 08 2011

That Guy Owen
United States

It would be a great I dont want to say pleasure cuz that sounds perverted lol but it would be great I youd give me the honor of following me and my blog

December 25, 2010

2010 is over. It went by so fast! Looking back at the beginning of the year, do you remember those New Year’s resolutions you made? I think I accomplished my main goal, which was to travel once a month! I definitely did that, as you can see from the photos.

Since my last blog, I went to Florida for Thanksgiving. I did the usual beaches and relaxation and spending quality time with the family. It was a well needed break!


After coming back, I rapidly rushed into throwing my annual holiday party! My best friend and I have been throwing a party for six years called Peppermint Party. It started out as a small dessert party with 10 guests in 2004 and grew to almost 200 guests this year!  It was a blast. Even Jason stopped by!




Well, friends, this will be the last blog for 2010. It was a great year with lots of ups and downs. I can only try to make 2011 even better! I wish everyone luck into the new year! Be safe and have fun, wherever in the world you are!


05:57 AM May 10 2011




04:57 AM Feb 01 2011

Terry Lee

Terry Lee

hoho   it's very happy!!   have a good time

11:07 PM Jan 28 2011



What a great 2010 Ella

06:41 AM Jan 27 2011

mohamed alhassan

what a nice photo

01:03 AM Jan 19 2011


hi ella , just want to tell you that your holiday its really awesome ,your fhotos too .wish you a happy new year full of joice,succes ,........Smile

04:18 AM Jan 18 2011



Ella, best wishes from fikas... wish your life be motly every year.

02:10 PM Jan 17 2011


Saudi Arabia

GooD LucK! InnocentI wish you all happiness.

11:17 PM Dec 29 2010


Saudi Arabia

and i wish everyone luck into the new year..

optimistic ..


01:15 AM Dec 27 2010



Hi Ella your holidays photos very nice and realy you enjoyed the world

take care...........