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March 27, 2007

One thing I never know what it means is life, what is life?

Why do peple think about life, wanting an organized one? What is meant "organized life"? Is that a life which everything goes well? Nothing serious and dangerous thing happens? What kind of life is that, no challenge and fluctuation...

I want this kind of life not, I am not that ordinary person, I need something which stimulates me to be active, I'd like to have something different, I want to face everything in front of me...

Living by schedule isn't me at all, in my opinion, life is what I have today, a new breath, a new color. My brain is to find another meaning of life, and my heart is to beat as smooth as that chilly air on the winter.

I want a cold fresh breeze blows free into my freedom soul

And my lips, is to say new words of love... 

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04:48 AM Apr 07 2007


ı think you are fair.

10:01 AM Apr 04 2007

silk searcher
United States

Who we are is dependant upon lifes challenges and the experience of the entire journey.

One that lives a dull life will indeed be a reflection of those experiences or lack there of.

Are you dull or full of life?

Each day is an amazing opportunity to develope your soul and personality into a new and ever changing being.

Don't worry or panic if trouble or hardships come your way, instead, embrace the moment for you will not be the same once you make it through.  You do not have to succeed to become a better person.  Failure also makes you stronger and better prepared for future situations.

So are you living or simply and quietly skating by?

Make today a day of Living - Be different!

12:32 PM Mar 31 2007


i agree u wiz that opinion