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My Colorful Life

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February 25, 2009

How will you know you can succeed at something if you don't give it a try?

How will you know you can drag yourself out of the depths of your despair if you don't try?

How do you know you won't get that new job if you don't apply?

How do you know...

Before becoming a success at anything, you must take that first step.

09:48 AM Jul 15 2009




 Hi Emily! no iam not chines, Awin is kurdish naime for girls, it means love. thank you and good luck with learning English.

03:15 AM Feb 25 2009

Jessica Jiang

yes,we should be congfident about ourselves.Just come on.

i am a sophomore now and confused about my future,so now i must prepare well for all what i want to be and do.

come on ~my friend

February 19, 2009

Yesterday, I have a change to attend the 3M's interview.

When I waited outside the meeting room, I find three Chinese were talking about business in English in a meeting room, and their pronunciation was very good. It was pity that I didn’t have enough time to listen clearly, it's my turn to have interview. The interviewer was a handsome and easy going man, he asked me some software testing knowledge, and then we discussed some details in English. I knew what he asked but I can't express my opinion very well. So I fell not very good ,

Compare with those three employees I saw when I was waiting for the interview, my English level is so low that I am ashamed for it.

After I back to home, I think a lot, first, I am not satisfied my performance today. Second, I find I have many shortages, and I still have to keep learning. Third, I am lucky that I have chance to work with those outstanding persons.

Maybe you don't know what am I saying, maybe I am not expressed myself clear enough, I am trying.

02:10 AM Feb 20 2009


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