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My Colorful Life

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February 19, 2009

Yesterday, I have a change to attend the 3M's interview.

When I waited outside the meeting room, I find three Chinese were talking about business in English in a meeting room, and their pronunciation was very good. It was pity that I didn’t have enough time to listen clearly, it's my turn to have interview. The interviewer was a handsome and easy going man, he asked me some software testing knowledge, and then we discussed some details in English. I knew what he asked but I can't express my opinion very well. So I fell not very good ,

Compare with those three employees I saw when I was waiting for the interview, my English level is so low that I am ashamed for it.

After I back to home, I think a lot, first, I am not satisfied my performance today. Second, I find I have many shortages, and I still have to keep learning. Third, I am lucky that I have chance to work with those outstanding persons.

Maybe you don't know what am I saying, maybe I am not expressed myself clear enough, I am trying.

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View all entries from My Colorful Life >

02:10 AM Feb 20 2009


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