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March 21, 2012

Hi everyone!

I feel an unlucky need to write this entry on my blog.

It's about the sixth sense or prior opinion or whatever you say for people from Turkey... I see too many profiles those have this sentence on their introduction page: "Please don't write ah uhm hm bla bla from Turkey" That means a discrimination against nationalities without any judgement. I also have to say that noone here has the rights to judge someone else about their nationality or any other habits or behaviours or anything else. You could prefer not to  speak with some members who are not into your interests. But this right does not give you the right to cast out others. I hope I could explain my purpose a little... I will explain all about this blog entry of me if anybody asks me for it personally. Thanks to you all. Take care!

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View all entries from Eren's Useful Entries About Everything... >

02:41 AM Mar 25 2012


Dear PhilologistAUL;

I mean the presence for Turkey is boring. It's yeahbsolutely ok to honor your nation for anyone but it's all useless and rude to comment about any other country with hidden hate like feelings My Friend. I hope I could explain a little :) Take care, Eren.

02:35 AM Mar 23 2012


:) nooo, why are you so angry? so if i write here "love from Azerbaijan", it'll be a discrimination? I think it gets different nations come together. My best wishes to you, friend)

07:03 AM Mar 22 2012


Dear Irene and Kotlesya;

Thanks for your kindly comments. Irene, It's my pleasure my friend :) Kotlesya thank you too for your advices. See you soon friends.

06:43 AM Mar 22 2012


Hello friend,

Thank you for the friend request. Glad to meet you.:)

Have a nice day.


05:47 AM Mar 22 2012



Calm down, please. Have no fear to ask these people about the  reason of such attitude  towards Turkish people? It may help to make situation clear and to ease your pain from the offence :(