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December 18, 2007

Since 1995,kobe-luminarie has opened about a week every year. kobe-luminarie began as a requiem for died on Hanshin-Awaji earthquache. The glorious lights shined on the street,and many people come to see this monuments from around the country. I saw sometimes till few years ago.But recently,there are a lot of people come to see it like one of tour. Because of many people coming at a burst, we cannot see without restraint. And more,it needs much electric power,so it became difficult to continuance. I hope to continue from now on,too if it needs much electric power. Instead of the electric power for kobe-luminarie,we should reduce other consumption of power of daily lifves. Or,if the idea is impossible to continue,I hope this kobe-luminarie form in some way.


December 15, 2007

I see some people buy Public Lottery Counter everyday on the way to

the office thesedays.
I have not bought Lottery Ticket never,but I'm interested in it.
In my country, Public Lottery is sold a year-end lottery tickets(in

japanese,"NENMATSU JAMBO")

People think that buying a lottery tickets is same as buying their

But I've thought it's just wasting valuable money.

Nowadays,I have a big dream of buying a good view point of field and

plant a gareden.

What do you want to do if you got 2okuen(about 1,763,202dollers)