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Happiness is an attitude

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Eva panda

Eva panda


April 10, 2010

     I just came back home for a while.Tonight,i went to my best of friend's home to eat dinner!Dear Brian and Mrs.Ding Ding(Brian's wife),Thx,again!!It was really dilicious!!;)

     Today,I have watched two pieces of movies:the sling blade&the green mile,I dont know how to say in words,but,i was touched and cried by the movices.It is quiet classic,forever.

    By the way,I have taken part in wedding party of my friend's.We had a happy time,too.You are a nice couple,I think=) Best wishes to you,happy forever!@@

(When I stood my friend's,classmate's or colleague's wedding party,I dont know why it is without reason--that i usually was touched and pour the tears while a couple to propose eatch other....I know that it was happy.)


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07:05 AM Apr 11 2010

Eva panda

Eva panda

I think that he just want to make frankie and his mother to be free!

No any hurts on them:)

Carl sent the books(all of his favourites) to frankie &there is a bookmarks;YOU WILL BE HAPPY.

I think.....

11:49 AM Apr 10 2010


In Sling Blade I didn't get why he kills that guy at the end.