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Happiness is an attitude

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Eva panda

Eva panda


April 11, 2010

    Today,I got up early as usual.I washed my face ,dressed up well and went to shopping central to buy some necessaries with coupon(The coupon value 300 yuan).When i reached the super-market,i went directly to the daily necessaries area by the lift.I bought a lots of stuffs what i wanted =)----toothbrush,body wash,shampoo,conditioner,tissue,milk and so on.

    When I picked up all my wantted to buy stuffs&went to the cashier to pay.I put them one by one to bags (I brought the bags by myself).I can't believe that how can carry on them to home?So many ,so heavy.....(heh,In fact,I just a little regret  because i worried about that i cann't carry them at all) But,no ideas,i have to do--cheer up!!!

     Maybe,i carried so many stuffs,so i just felt very hot---but,the sunshine,the breeze made me feel so happy~we are alive,we are happy,life is amazing!=)I hope that the feeling can convey to every conners of the word's.

     Sometimes,maybe its fate?I dont know,Who said hello to me here?I cannot imagine that i can met her here.Because,i less come here.but the real thing that i can met her anywhere.We just can't beleive that its real.So,We left the contact way to each other.I have to  congratulated her that she is pregnant and the children will born in Sep.Best withes to you,dear Lily.

      Today,I missed a wonderfull English Conner,I think----OVERSLEPT!Next time ,i never do.heh.By the way ,Sometimes,I very enjoy seeing movies,nothing to do&dont need to think anything just stay home.Some good classic of movies can bring different thought to you.Let you to think to study and so on!A Beautifull Mind is also good and classic movie,i think!

      I have to prepare something for sleeping.Tomorrow is brand-new day of one week.Keep to be a good mood and cheer up!:)

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