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Happiness is an attitude

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Eva panda

Eva panda


April 17, 2010

     Today,it's a cloudy&fine day.Lemon(one of my good friends) and me went hiking,toghter.We talked a lot about his thing where he have been gone to see his gf during hiking the hill.I want to say that the power of love is so strong and romantic.I know that distance in love is not easy,but,hope you succeed.=)Loving eatch other,caring and understanding.

     After the mountain,first of all,we went to Starbucks to drink coffee.But,because  we were so tired,after drank,we go directly to eat Japanese cuisine.Because i like to eat noodles,therefore,in a bowl of noodles less than 30minutes to eat light.hah.It was really dilicious.

      Tomorrow,I am planning to visit my sister's home,because,my sister said:One of niece just came back from hometown and brought some cakes,let me try.:PHow sweet it is.I cant wait ya,hah.So,i just decided that i would start to go in the morning,heh.And after came back from my sister's home,I will cook with my best friends toghter.@@ It is really look forward to coming ya.heh.  

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