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Happiness is an attitude

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Eva panda

Eva panda


April 26, 2010

     I will keep going outing for my business trip from Mon to Fri.:)I need to be a translator.heh

      Dongguang doesn't far away from Shenzhen,but,today,the weather is very different.hah There(Dongguan)heavily rained!:)

       After 4 days,we will have a long vocation to take a rest!:)It sounds very amazing.But,i didnot do any decitions for anywhere to play.Maybe,i will stay home to preview my studying of english.It will have an exam on May8,2010.I have no much time to waste.I have to try my best to do!

       These days,I have a crush on watching the dramas when I have leisure time.It is very interesting___Big female when marry??大女当嫁 If you had interest,dont miss that!=)


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