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October 16, 2009

i can't believe that.about my friend's daddy was died.yh.right .today.a soul lost .she called me in 5 hours ago..i remeber she said:im sorry.i forget reply your messeage.just something happened of me . my daddy is gone.oh.jelous.so unbelieveable that.i knew her dad in hospital before.but i heard she said her dad feels better .but everything happened so suddenly.we can't handle.just we are simple person..We do not have the power to change reality.yh.I have been with her tonight. i saw she tears. i saw she mum tried..of course.I also know that she has been very strong. I think she is not so fragile.

when she father's gone .she will be strong. because she mum needs her.she can't  collapse.
im sad same as she ..maybe i don know she's feeling .but i know that's so terrible.
i just hope she can move on.life is go on after all.
im around with you ..im your friend.  but im so sorry i can't help your anythings.

finally..i just want say .everyone take care yourselves.your famliy..your healthy...healthy body is so important.we are human .fragile human.
sigh...bad night.

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04:56 AM Oct 17 2009

yide wen

yide wen

i am sorry to here that