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me and my self and you

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dark _chan

dark _chan

Saudi Arabia

September 5, 2010

Hello everyone

how are you all doing ?

 hope your great 


its been i long time since i wrote here 

and many ppl told me that you have changed 

you don't care about your friends any more =(


i was really sad when they told me 


will its not real i do care about my friends here =) 


and really like them 


so at a time like that i will prove  that i care about you all 

  1. i will have more time to talk to you 
  2. i will answer your mails  
  3. and i will do everything For you  =)

so its 


A TIME FOR YOU .....!  

AND ONLY YOU ......!!!!!


  • i am sorry for everything 
  • i am sorry if i hurt anyone 
  • i am sorry if i didn't be with someone who needed me 
  • i am sorry for being careless 


thats it for now 


see you tomorrow


this is dark _chan

saying good bye

and take care =)


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View all entries from me and my self and you >