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November 10, 2007


This is my first blog! I'm verry happy for being here!

Ok now i will tell you guys something about me ;}

I'm from small country Lithuania in Europe. I bet cha never heard about it? right?Cool but i like my country, here people is verry friendlyLaughing I'm going to hight school in Vilnius. But i don't like my school, becouse it always cold inside, The cafeteria stinks too - the food is awful and expensive, so i never eat at school..So guys tell me about yours school, and how you feel in in it?

I like pets. I have a little kitty name Liza, she likes playing with my dog (name's Pruta) ,but he hates her sooo badlyUndecided

First of all i like spent time with by best friends!!!Second I like drawing, write songs, fishing and other stuff like this.... And third thing that i like is MUSIC!!! that's right guys....I listening music everywhere where i'm going and what i'm doing...In the bus, in the school, at home, fishing, cycling...So music is my life, and without it i'm nothingLaughing how about you? ;]

In the future i want to be a journalist, becouse i am verry friendly person and i can make conversation with people...Cool

Or designer, becouse i like drawing and i have a huge imaginationWink

Please coment this blog becouse this is my first blogLaughing tell me about yourself and what kinda of stuff do ya like!! ^-^


With love Yvonne...

p.s. Sorry about the grammar mistakesWink i don't speak and write in english very well.

10:35 AM Aug 02 2008



This is your first blog and this is my comment on any blog...lol..jk :)) . Thanks 4 the add as a friend :).Just as with you I'm also very interested in making international friends, especially from the eastern part of europe (now don't ask me why :P) Now I'll tell you a bit about myself...I'm Nasim from India. Never heard the name? Lol...I think not...but it is the world's largest democracy. But hey I've heard...oh...I mean I do have a frinds from Lithuania. Ah. I'll also tell you a bit about my school...err..I'm in college..So I'll tell you about my college. It's called Ravenshaw Jr. College established in 1868. I do hate doing to classes but hey who cares about attending classes in college :D. Else I just luv my college. If you do want to have me as a friend then write to my mail nasim20072008@rediffmail.com. Hope to hear from ya soon. Bye

11:43 PM Feb 15 2008



Laba! ;) ok, as tave pridesiu i kontaktus :D

06:46 AM Feb 09 2008

get lost

get lost

truputi mane prajuokinai ka parasei apie savo mokyklos valgykla :jos maista.Laughing maciau kad esi parasius kad turi skype jei noreum ir toliau susirasyt su manim tai mano Skype ; donor09   .byeWink