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Evonne's happy home

Evonne mi

Evonne mi


January 18, 2009

If I have two candies, I will give you...

If I meet a new boy,I  will let you know...

But you don't accpet it!!!

Because you  hate me!!!

Actually,you never understand I want to make contact with you...


I have a good news to you....

In my mind ,you still my best friend no matter how mean to me...

September 21, 2008

well....I start to go to school now.

Because our school has a new ojbet in the new semester.

So we change our class and classmate!!!

I think I can't  know new friends.

But I have a good mood!!

So I make a lot of new friend!!!! 

And I have a lot of stress also..............

Let me crazy....

But I CAN do it right!!!!

And I can overcome my new English TEACHER!!!

August 11, 2008

I don't know why I so busy in the week!!!

I have a lot of test and homework ....

I couldn't finish it every day!!

Because it's so much!!!

Maybe it's my obstcle!!!


I have a happy thing!!

I went to a camp last week!!

It's so happy and funny when I played and enjoyed in this activity!!

I learned a lot of thing and saw a lot of stars in the sky!!

It was so beautiful!!!

And many things I thought it was nice!!!

Maybe next time I will tell you!!!^^