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fadel san

fadel san

Saudi Arabia

April 18, 2009

This is the first blog I write so I diced to write about myself for my friends here to know me better.I will writ the troth I will not lie because I hate lier specially how lie about themselves. There're periods in my life is good and happy and there're saddens and pains.I guess this is how the life goes. I born in family how's have limits in their economy,I mean not very poor and definitely not rich.My father was work for eat and satisfied the need of the home as he can and my father is not educated so he has to work at hard job. He's work at the market buy cloths for men and I have to go with him to help him or may be I should said he was take me with him I was small may be my age was eight. Because he wasn't educated so he didn't care about my school or my study,he always said you have to work to get food. You may be thing my father has shop or something no he's put his goods in the street on the table to show the costumer so we have to get out the goods from inside many carton boxes. you may be thing that my father is bad and treat me tough but he's nice and I love him so much he was do that to make me man how love to be straggle with the difficult life.I live difficult station I have to separate my life between my father job and my studies in that time my age was 12 so I didn't choose the right chose,I started to run from school and I didn't care about my school and even I didn't study for the exams so I lost two years from my education.A after while I started to thing again and I started to fIght with my father about my school and I said I want to complete my study I was that time going to the high school so the situation was very difficult even with the fight and cry I decied to complete my study and go to the college and all the chose that I make it was by help from my friends in school and outside school. So now I'm near to finish my college and hope to work and my life by my self.

I didn't write this to feel sorry for me or anything just to know me better and I'm funny guy love laughing and have fun so this is not my life now so cheer up everyone okay.

Please if you have anything to say don't hesitate okay and I wish you all good luck.

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View all entries from My life Blog >

12:24 AM Apr 20 2009



you must thank allah for health fadel.

strong words but really ilike it.

i think the best prize you can give to your father is working hard and study hard too.

i can tell you one word.

The Man Makes Money but  The Money don't Make The Man. 

Dont Be a-Guy The World Is Full Of Guys ; Be a-MAN.