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August 23, 2010

 hi everybody,have you ever meet such a problem  that u really dont to how to end a call from your friend?

For me ,one of my friend,her boyfriend dead in an accident a few month ago,she is sorrowful,and i really sympathy for her.but i didnt meet such situation before i dont know how to comfort her.whats worse she divert all her attation on me.you know ,boyfriend used to be the center of her life,i didnt know much about her,and i am not that into her.

And now she call me everyday(she didnt do that before),per call over 1hour,sometimes a day over two call,i am going to insane ,i hate phone call originally,and each time i see her phone number i feel scared ,but i have to take it ,whatever she is my friend and she meet such a terrible thing,i am so tired of listening to her  repeatedly that she and her boyfiend's story.but how to end the call?my life is a mess,can you give me some advise?

11:02 PM Aug 23 2013


it is part of human being, that we love more friendly topics instead of talking about sad stories

and my advice for your friend

talk to her open, say her

I agree, you feel lost due to that bad situation, but pls................. stop talking always about that sad story. it s like a circle, you won t get out of it.

Let s talk about other things

your job,  or other things you have common with her

I know, it s hard, but the only way out, for you and for your friend

good luck to you

zai jian

02:34 AM Aug 23 2013

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi honey

whenever my friend keep talking on the phone I pretend that my mom is calling me for lunch or something.

some times I make a phon call to myself with my mom cellphone

then it starts ringing while we are talking and I say:sorry but my dad is on the line I have to go.

but it feels like being a liar .I always feel badly after that the best way is to

talk to her and explain how much sorry you are but you are busy.

April 6, 2010

  soon i will graduate from my college,and i have to face the serious problem---to find a suitable job.What i heared most a question is that:''when will u go to find a job?and where do u what to go?"that makes me feel fidget and i really don't know what to do,and who knows what wil happen in the future?

06:32 PM Apr 06 2010



thank you guys for give me the advise,good luck to everyone!

06:12 PM Apr 06 2010

viona helena

Ha-ha Laughing so sad but true, Kunchen..

See fan11, that's the sadness of reality.

And also happen to, ME!! Laughing

that's why i said that.. Yeah, i know it's hard to find a job.

But someone who can enjoy his job is very lucky person. Trust me Wink

i hope i will find my dream job soon Cool

Amin Laughing

08:05 AM Apr 06 2010



In fact, not everyone could find the job suitable for he or her. Sometimes,most of people or I would also complain that " I can't find a job to apply all my knowledge to it!!" However, finally, I figure out it becomes a natural phenomenon in our society. If you can find a job you like, then I would like to congratulate you with all my heart; if not, you have to try to get used to it gradually. That's my personal opinion, just for reference...^^ 

07:25 AM Apr 06 2010

viona helena

Yeah,i agree with radiohead! First of all, you must know your skill. But don't ignore to your interest. Don't apply to job that actually you don't have any interest on it,just because of afraid to become jobless. Make sure that you will love your job. Because doing something we hate is really awful. But don't be afraid to try! Good luck,friend!

05:36 AM Apr 06 2010


you should to know, what is your skill? what is your interest? and be confident and strong to face future.

December 22, 2009

   my phone was stolend recently.And i have to buy a new one,but is really very hard to chose a suitleble one foe me,as my budget is very limited.this was the second time i been stolend,i was very careless,i used NOKIA and SONG ERICSSON before,and this time i would like to chose one from the two brand. but there are too many kinds of phones in the market,i really confused,so do you have any good recommend?and what's your phone brand?by the way i don't like touch screen.

08:04 AM Apr 06 2010



every Nokia phone is in my opinion recomendable and of high quality. It just depends what kind of features you want?

04:50 PM Dec 22 2009



Always support NokiaLaughing

11:27 AM Dec 22 2009

Ali Sadeghi
Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i offer u to buy Sumsung Or Iphone, but don't buy chinese mobiles, they are very very very bad and like trash.

07:41 AM Dec 22 2009




first, i work as a customer service rep for nokia in egypt

so , i think i amy help you to choose a good and a cheap mobile

i need you to tell me what you need of options in your phone

and i will recommend for you the best

By the way Iam carrying another brand beside my 6300 which is (motorolla k1)