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December 26, 2007

Real that time fault has been quick , I have also grown up , the road has been very long, but has already a period of time leaked from I,Be confronted with the new's 1 year, feeling many, state of mind is complicated,  Person has grown up , has needed to have learned to bear, feeling is very uncertain but , have be full of hope but    In here, I pray for very good that my at one's side friend can live with , can often see more,

December 16, 2007

There are many here are not accustomed to, where almost all of American English, no contacts, originally English is not very good, has been in order to meet the examination,在这里有很多的不习惯,这里几乎都是美式英语,从没有接触过,本来英语就不是很好,一直都是为了应付考试,
Professional contacts and are now in English, although knowledge, but if the exchange, I think the question is that many, the exchange is a very serious problem, especially Chinese-style English is a prominent problem, I do not know how to solve our problems, because I would like to exchange and more people do not want language is a priority.而现在正接触专业英语,虽然有所了解,但是要是交流起来,我想问题是很多的,交流是个很严重的问题,特别是中国式英语是个突出的问题,我不知道怎么解决我的问题,因为我想和更多的人交流,不想语言是首要问题.