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August 10, 2007


An atomic bomb is a weapon that can destroy a city in a few seconds. This big power forms from atoms which are broken into pieces. A Uranium nucleus is bombarded with neutrons of another atom. This neutrons enter inside of Uranium nucleus and pierces on it. And in this situation, the balance of the atom goes wrong. The atom can’t stay with the condition like this. So it is divided into two pieces. A Barium and a Krypton form after all of these events. The neutrons left over are transformed into energy according to the Einstein’s formula. Namely, as quantity of the matter left over and square of the light velocity the energy forms.(E=mc2).The velocity of the light is fixed and 300000 km\h. This shows us the greatness of the energy that formed. But after successive reactions, fundamental and terrifying energy arises. While Uranium was dividing, the neutrons left over, hit another Uranium atom that wasn’t divided. And the others...The incidents realize again and again. And the chain reaction comes true.
The amount of the Uranium atoms that used for the successive reactions is critical mass. The critical mass divided into two pieces. And the pieces are put in order with spaces. Neutron of an atom hits the nucleus of another one. When the bomb goes off, Uranium becomes a gas. The heat inside of the bomb arrives very huge degrees as many as millions, while the reaction is coming true. Because of the explosion, the jolt waves form. Especially the bomb is blasted in the air to increase the effect of these waves.(little high from the Earth).The waves hit the Earth and go back. So mixed waves form new waves. Furthermore, the air becomes hot after explosion and extends and leaves big space. The cold air that wants to fill this space creates an earthquake. The radioactive rays that kill the lives add to all of these dangers. It sounds very terrifying like the other fatal things. But we must ask the people who are cripple because of atomic bomb for the main dangers.
During the World War 2, first works that were named “Manhattan Project” started for the atomic bomb. Because it was clear there would be a weapon that can put a point to the war and will determine the winner. England and USA started this project. They were afraid of Germany about the bomb. In 1942, a couple of scientists came together secretly in New Mexico in Los Alamos. With the leadership of the Rober J. Oppenheimer, these scientists succeeded in producing first atomic bomb in 1945.At the same time, a secret base was founded. They started to product materials for the bombs in this base.
First atomic bomb test was done in 1945 near by Mexico in Alamogordo. The test that was named Trinity was successful. The violence of the explosion was unbelievable. The explosion formed the influence of about 16 kilotons of TNT. After this success, they decided to use the atomic bombs against the enemies.


At about 2:00 on the morning of August 6th, the Enola Gay which was carrying an atomic bomb, Little Boy, started the long flight from Trinian with the Paul Tibbets. Two observation planes carrying cameras and scientific instruments followed behind it.
After 6:00, the bomb was fully armed on board the Enola Gay.Tibbets announced to the crew that the plane was carrying the world’s first atomic bomb.
The trip to Japan was smooth. At about 7:00 o’clock, the Japanese radar detected aircraft heading toward Japan, and they broadcast the alert throughout the Hiroshima area. Soon afterward an American weather plane circled over the city, but there were no sign of bombers. The people began their daily work and though that the danger had passed.
At 7:25, the Enola Gay, at 26,000 feet, was cruising over Hiroshima. At 8:00 the Japanese detected again two B-29's heading toward Hiroshima. The radio stations quickly broadcast a warning for the people to take shelter, but many did not follow the advice. They thought that it was the same as first time. At 8:09, the crew of the Enola Gay could see the city appear below; it was time to drop the bomb. Just then, they received a message indicating that the weather was good over Hiroshima. The bomb was released at 8:16 a.m. A terrible, strong and unimaginable explosion occurred near the central section of the city. The crew of the Enola Gay saw a column of smoke rising fast and intense fires springing up.
After the ruin in Hiroshima, the second one of the two nuclear weapons, code named Fat Man was dropped over Nagasaki three days after the first one, on 9th August, 1945.On the morning of August 9th, the B-29 Superfortres plane named Bockscar arrived to the first target, Fukuoka, with Fat Man in it. Then the target changed because of the bad weather conditions, the new target area was Nagasaki, the new victim.
Nagasaki was one of the developed industry place of the Japan. “Was” because, after Fat Man nothing was the same as the past. The bomb was dropped at a height of about 1,800 feet over Nagasaki. Although the bomb had more big potential from the other, the result wasn’t as bad as the other. Because the people of Nagasaki was heard about it before the explosion, and Nagasaki’s hilly terrain decreased the influence of the bomb. When the US explained that the explosions would continue, the Japan yielded.
The use of these weapons resulted in the immediate deaths of around 200000 to 350000 people. Civilians formed more of these. And there is no remnant from some victims. Some of they’ve became a gas. Some of they’ve became dead persons who live. Is this a need of a victory or must it be like this? What is the aim? None of the cannibal tribe can eat 350000 people in a few second. And they have logical explanations according to themselves for eating a person.
A Tale
One of the days, one of the cannibals was eating his mother who died. A person saw the cannibal, while he was eating. Could not stand and asked “A person can’t be wild as much as you. How can a person eat his mother?” The answer “How can I bury my own mother? I can’t stand the land eating her. She carried me for nine months. And it is my turn.”
The Pearl Harbour Raid was showed as a reason. It was clear the US didn’t shrink from the power of Japan, only they didn’t want to lose their soldiers and the solution was net. Then the general of the US during the war, Eisenhower, said: “There was no need to destroy them with these horrible weapons.”
The physicist Albert Einstein did not directly participate in the invention of the atomic bomb. But as we shall see, he was instrumental in its development.
Although the atomic bomb would clearly illustrate with the principle of the equation E=mc2. The bombs were not what Einstein had in his mind when he published this equation. Indeed, he considered himself to be a pacifist. In 1929, he publicly declared that if a war broke out he would unconditionally refuse to do war service, direct or indirect... regardless of how the cause of the war should be judged. His position would change in 1933, as the result of Adolf Hitler's ascent to power in Germany. While still promoting peace, Einstein no longer fit his previous self-description of being an "absolute pacifist".
Einstein's greatest role in the invention of the atomic bomb was signing a letter to President Franklin Roosevelt urging that the bomb be built.
Einstein biographer Ronald Clark has observed that the atomic bomb would have been invented without Einstein's letters, but that without the early U.S. work that resulted from the letters, the a-bombs might not have been ready in time to use during the war on Japan
As the realization of nuclear weapons grew near, Einstein looked beyond the current war to future problems that such weapons could bring. He wrote to physicist Niels Bohr in December 1944, "When the war is over, then there will be in all countries a pursuit of secret war preparations with technological means which will lead inevitably to preventative wars and to destruction even more terrible than the present destruction of life."
The atomic bombings of Japan occurred three months after the surrender of Germany, whose potential for creating a Nazi a-bomb had led Einstein to push for the development of an a-bomb for the Allies. Einstein withheld public comment on the atomic bombing of Japan until a year afterward. A short article on the front page of the New York Times contained his view: "Prof. Albert Einstein... said that he was sure that President Roosevelt would have forbidden the atomic bombing of Hiroshima had he been alive and that it was probably carried out to end the Pacific war before Russia could participate. “Einstein later wrote, "I have always condemned the use of the atomic bomb against Japan."
In November 1954, five months before his death, Einstein summarized his feelings about his role in the creation of the atomic bomb: "I made one great mistake in my life... When I signed the letter to President Roosevelt recommending that atom bombs be made; but there were some justifications - the danger that the Germans would make them."


There are a lot of countries hold nuclear weapons or may hold. Some countries have never admitted possession, or their claims to possession have not been verified. For example, Israel has modern airborne delivery system and appears to have an extensive nuclear program with hundreds of war heads though it officially maintains an ambiguity policy with respect to its actual possession of nuclear weapons.

We have one more problem, more dangerous than the other one. “Hydrogen bomb” the name of the power, which can destroy the world with a few amounts. The atomic bomb, the nuclear power that destroyed the Hiroshima, Nagasaki and millions of people, is used for the activating to this one. Once, it was tried on a island near by Florida. And there is no island now!

“You can ask when it will be impossible to live on the Earth, because of the radioactivity or if the life will end because of it. Uncertain. But if the life will disappear, the humans are the first of the living creatures that will disappear, because of their sensitive to radiation.”

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