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December 5, 2008

In the morning wakes, whether you will turn on the window immediately, will let that fresh air head on, for you one day-long good mood!when is lonely lonely, whether you will turn on the window, lets the cool breeze which that front surface will blow carry off your loneliness! impetuous not ampere hour, you whether to turn on the window, will let that full of vitality greenery, the grass give you the indifferent to fame or gain mood!when quiet at dead of night, whether you will turn on the window, looked in the cloud layer the bright moonlight and will all over the sky glitter the star, will let the innumerable tender feelings fill up your mind? lies down on the bed is looking at outside the black window, whether you do remember “seek a livelihood these words in the crevice”? If every you want to involve the space is together the narrow crevice, whether you will seize every opportunity, inch place will strive for place of the own vertical body? Certainly, when you turn on the window, what is following is the sandstorm dust, but the mountains and rivers earth originally is a dust particle, much less in dust dust? The noisy sound will also flee your ear, but perhaps it will foster you to locate will change not startled, will deal with all customs calmly. the friend, please open a window, lets outside the window a unique scenery take in everything at a glance at present in you. Looks goes on a trip in a hurry passer-by, you whether to feel becomes aware the time heartlessness, life short? Actually the reason that we hurry along hurriedly every day, is precisely for a quarter which pursues that to be possible to stop at will down enjoys. the friend, please open a window, do not lock oneself in the four sides wall difficult position, also do not the window outside world rejection, not probably refuse to enjoy opens time window's joy. Outside is away from the window no doubt to be possible to understand the scenery, but turns on the window, facing real all, to be how could it not be better?

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