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April 8, 2009

Turkey is a very interesting country. Turkey with culture, nature, climate and history is a great country. In Turkey at the same time you can experience four seasons. Same day in the morning you can ski in Erzurum, in the afternoon you can enter the sea in Antalya, but today, this is not what I will tell you.

About Turkey the first thing that come to your mind is friendly, warm and sincere people. If a foreigner who settled in Turkey, you will notice it much more easily and quickly. People in Turkey are raring to chat with each other. There is no xenophobia in Turkey. Guests are very important and valuable in Turkish Culture. Foreigners who settled in Turkey get used to Turkish lifestyle in short time. Turks also commingle with this foreigners quickly. In fact, The people, having never been in Turkey before, prejudice against Turks tell that Turkey is a dangerous country for aliens. IT IS A BIG LIE!

People who say this lie are either dont know Turkey and Turks or dont want tourists visiting Turkey because to take a holiday in Turkey is much cheaper than in many countries. Many people who came to Turkey for holiday settled in Turkey when they retired. As for someone who come to Turkey for holiday, they couldnt leave Turkey. They love Turkey. They think that Turkey is a wonderful country. Last but not least, they love Turks Culture and lifestyle. According to figures in 2007, citizens of European Union member country of 93,724 people chose to live permanently in Turkey. Much of them are Germen and English.

Please read the book “Tales From the Expat Harem: Foreign Women in Modern Turkey” written by Jennifer Gökmen and Anastasia M. Ashman.

Lovely, from Turkey.

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02:33 PM Apr 08 2009

United States

Those who prejudice Turkiye and the Turks, Unfortunately doesnt know the wonderful and rich culture of Turkiye and they are missing the hospitality of the Turks, Which is very well-known abuot them, Specially in Turkiye.

I request every one before, Judging Turkiye or any country, try to investiage about it, instead of hearing and accepting all the rumours, that is been talked about a country.

Good luck for Turkiye and Every country in the world!