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April 10, 2009

What is the most dangerous idea in the world: to kill someone, robbery of central bank or torture to people. Prejudice is the most dangerous mind which is produced inflexible thought about someone or something. About Turkey many people have ideas which are not created with reading, listening, watching about Turkey. These prejudices, such as Turkey stole Arabic, Iranian, Greece and Armanian cultures and represented them like her elements, have not based on basic and achademic/technical thesis.

It is surely acceptable that, every country form their own history and culture, but it does not mean that this creating duration can’t affect each other. In considieration of Turkey’s geographical location, it will be understandable that, Turkısh culture consist of all civilisation which were exist before Turks in Anatolia.

Cultural wealthiness is Turkey’s most valuable specialities, that’s why Tukish Culture is a heritage which should be protected and introduced carefully.

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