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Fish Chen

Fish Chen


May 6, 2010

it is really a calamity to me. after install a new Software i can not boot up my notebook. every time i press the power bottom it feedbacks me a black screen with some unknown english words. oh. i hate it.  after seaching on the related website, it seems there are only two solutions, first is use a external disk to boot the unit and cancell a date file. the second, format the disk....hope the fisrt method will be useful cuz there are a lot of valuable inf. in the disk. God bless me !! 

May 4, 2010

long time no see, it is a chinese english. but that's not important , the key point is that it has passed a long time since my last posting on the web. tell the truth, there were a lot of events occur and i miss my friends here so much.

hope everything goes well.

thanks my dear friends

yours Fish Chen

July 3, 2009

if you ask me why should we study english,my answer will be simple and clear.now let me show you the reasons one by one in the following.

in the first place, english has become the international language,if you know it,you can have a trip all over the world without being misunderstood,in the second place,most vaaluable books newspapers and magzines are wrotten in english,if you want to get more knowledges ,you must know english.the third place, if you know english,you can get more pleasure in your life,you can enter many interesting website(e.g. Ebaby),you can share the wanderful stories with many foreigners,and know the world better.and the fouth..the fifth...

anyway,english has become more and more important,

08:09 PM May 04 2010



I quite agree with you ,and I also think that Chinese is value for many foreigner to study.

02:02 AM Jan 22 2010

yuki silver

hi,thanks for writing something about my passage !i wish my english could be as well as yours!^_^