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February 19, 2009

" When you speak easily, it feels great.  The words come
out quickly.  You don't need to think.  You feel comfortable using
English.  You feel relaxed.  Communication is fun and easy.

This never happens in English schools.  Did you feel relaxed in
English class?  Did you learn to speak easily?  Did you learn to
speak English without thinking-- without translating? 

95% of their students never speak English naturally. Yet private
continue to charge $500 a month ($6000 dollars
a year or more)-- and students continue to pay every month, every

**Learn To Speak English Easily

To speak English easily, you must forget what you learned from
schools and textbooks.  You will never succeed with their methods. 

The good news is you CAN learn to speak English easily.
You will learn to communicate easily, without thinking. 

You only need to use all of the 7 Rules.  Then find other English
speakers and practice.  That is all. 

By using all of the 7 Rules, you will learn 4-5 times faster-- but
you need to use all of them. 

Today, you will learn Rule number 4.

**Hyun Learns Rule Number 4

Hyun is a very serious student.  When studying English in Korea,
she memorized 50,000 English words.  Fifty Thousand! 

Her problem was-- she couldn't USE them.  She could pass an English
test.  But she could not understand native speakers. 

With Effortless English, Hyun learned to instantly understand
English. She learned how to automatically use vocabulary.  After
6 months, she could speak easily. She didn't need to think. 

**RULE 4:  Slow, Deep Learning Is Best

The secret to speaking easily is to learn every word DEEPLY. 
Its not enough to know a definition.  You must put the word deep
into your brain.

To speak English easily, you must go slower.  You must repeat each
lesson many times.  You should repeat each lesson 2-3 times every
day.  You should do this for one week. 

This is the key to speaking automatically, without thinking.  You
must learn English deeply. 

    Learn deeply, speak easily.
    Learn deeply, speak easily.
    Learn deeply, speak easily.

Each time you listen to a lesson, you are closer to instant
understanding and automatic speaking.  Repeat every lesson many
times, even if it seems easy.    "

February 13, 2009

  "  This is it.  This is the number one rule you must follow.  It is
simple and easy.

Yet, most schools ignore it.  Think about your first English class.
Did you learn easily and fast?  Did the teacher speak only English?

In most schools, the teacher does not speak much English to
beginners.  They speak mostly your language.  In Japanese schools,
for example, the teachers speak mostly Japanese! 

They explain English grammar-- using Japanese.  They answer
questions-- using Japanese.  They translate English words-- into
Japanese.  They even use the Japanese writing system (katakana)
to spell English words. 

And what do they mostly teach?  Grammar.  Students learn English
by listening to teachers speak Japanese.  Do you see the

The result-- Japanese students cannot think in English, cannot
speak English, and cannot understand native English speakers.  Their
speaking is usually slow and painful. 

This method is crazy--  it is guaranteed to fail. There is nothing
wrong with Japanese students-- its the Japanese schools that are
the problem.  The schools, not the students, are failing.

The same is true in most countries.  Its even true of English
schools in the U.S., UK, and Canada. 

**RULE 3: The Most Important Rule

What is the rule that Humberto found with the Club? Simple. 
The rule is listening.

              Listening, listening, listening. 

You must listen to UNDERSTANDABLE English.  You must listen to

Its simple.  That is the key to your English success. 
Stop studying grammar.  Start listening everyday.

  Listen everyday-- and your speaking will improve quickly.
  Listen everyday-- and you will feel relaxed and powerful.
  Listen everyday-- and you will speak English easily.

**Learn With Your Ears, Not Your Eyes

In most schools, you learn English with your eyes.  You read
textbooks.  You study word lists.  You study grammar rules. 

That is why you read English well, but cannot speak it.
That is why you cannot understand English TV and movies. 

Effortless English is a listening system.  You learn English with
your ears, not your eyes.  You listen 1-3 hours every day. "

February 9, 2009

" **English Can Be Simple and Easy

One day, a student from Paraguay came to my class.  She could not
speak English.  In her country, she studied many years--
mostly grammar.  Many years of classes. Many years of textbooks.
Many years paying schools a lot of money.

But she could not speak.

The first day in my class, she was shy.  She came with a textbook,
-- ready to study grammar.

  I surprised her-- because I never used the textbook.
  I never used the textbook, and I never taught grammar. 
  I never used the textbook, and I never taught grammar. 

Instead, I told her a story.  I told the story many times.  As
I told the story, I asked many questions.  She answered them. 
She was confused,... Why was this crazy teacher telling stories and
asking so many questions!?

  Then I asked HER to tell the story-- she was shocked and
  amazed-- she could do it! 

After only two weeks in my class, her friends were amazed. 
They asked her, "How are you improving so quickly?"

**Why Grammar Study Is Bad

In school, teachers told you to study grammar.  They told you that
grammar was the key to learning English.  They were totally wrong.

  Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. 

In fact, studying grammar is the worst thing to do.  Grammar
study will destroy your English speaking ability. 

Why?  Because grammar study makes you think too much.  You
don't want to think about speaking English, you want to speak
quickly-- without thinking.

There is a lot of research about this topic-- and it all agrees-
grammar study is terrible.  Grammar study destroys your ability
to think in English.  You will never speak English easily if you
continue to study grammar.

**RULE 2: Don't Study Grammar

Angelina quickly improved speaking-- when she stopped studying
grammar.  This is your second rule. 

  Stop studying grammar.
  Stop studying grammar. 

Right now.  Stop.  Put away your grammar books and textbooks. 
You don't need them. "