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May 27, 2008

oh,my god.today is my birthday and i will get olderCry

i didn't tell my friends that today was my birthday because i don't like a scene of bustle and excitement .only one person celebrated birthday for me and i am very grateful,but i had to buy a present by myself (i like it very much).

i have grown up so i could decide many things without my parents.i think in my 20-year-old i will have many issues to solve and many things to do ,so 20-year-old is my beginning ,i will enjoy it.

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07:43 AM May 27 2008



Happy B'day floraTongue out 

I Did The Same Thing in my bday...
i didn't tell anyone.. ha6...
but they found out... a weeks later... 

05:42 AM May 27 2008



Happy birthday! Oh, yes. You can make decisions in your life without parents' help. It's sometimes very hard to do but it's also amazing! Best wishes:)