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Informal essay

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July 26, 2007

Newly arrived, please looks after ...
I'm a colleage student whose major is computer science and technology,i'll go abroad for further studying,so i thrist for improving my english level and also know more about foreign countries,foreigners and exoticism.
Extending the network of friends is one of my big hobbies,so let's become truly friends.
God bless everyone,wish all who have seen or is seeing or will see this informal essay a bright future and a happy life...Tongue out

12:29 AM Aug 29 2007

United States

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03:03 AM Jul 28 2007


Hi, Baron_Lavender!

Nice to meet you!

wow, you wanna go to foriegn study?

I'm also?

and wanna learn english? I have done graduation in computer science, and want to continue my further study foriegn country in Austrailia! in that case am doing IELTS test, which is requirement!

If you wanna exchange me English, am happy to wait for you.

see you soon!

GOD bless you! 

02:59 AM Jul 28 2007


Hi, Baron_Lavender