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February 7, 2008

i just want to write a little in english, to improve it of course!

im here for one hour surfing the net; listening to music ; looking for a cours of english;

i started to learn english in highschool,im now in college! 

in highschool i have hated it cuz i wasn't knowing any idea about it

now; i know really its necessity!& eash day i find out that it's very easy to learn.

i creat some ideas to learn it so far from defficult acadimic system

i listen to anglish music;& translate some proverbs to english...chat with freinds in english; open some english web site , i try to enjoy in study it , & i rersist to be happy & funny during english courses..finally, i write here :) in my blog 

 i will search others ideas to improve the study of languages cuz: language's study is a very nice study, it allows the people to live more than one life, also to have a good and so long memory...to know other cultures & sciences; to make a freinds from different nationalities

finally i wish good luck anyone want to study english cuz it's the language of the world

i hope that i can write something which having an importance! 


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