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opaque glass

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December 13, 2010


The story of mood&the song of summer

The summer of this year seems to come early,the spring girl left silently with lightsome paces,such unkowningly.

Yun, again,came to that big tree,she found that big tree have grown up a lot,it is full of thriving leaves,being stronger and wider than before.

Cicadas formed a band in the tree,were repeatedly singing that song named"
Peaceful summer"with their unchangable tone.

Yun listenned to them quietly and drifted off to sleep gradually in their neither graceful nor nosiy sound.

Shortly afterwands,a ray of green light from unknown distance came and irradiated her,the shine was too bright and drizzing to open her eyes.

That ray of green light was like a strong life which sprouted a kind of thick greenness. After a short stay,it disappeared instantly.

Yun woke up,she couldn't figure out the purpose of that green light in her dream and didn't thinking too much anymore.

Still,she found that cicadas were singing and couldn't help looking up and asking,"What are you singing about? such enjoyable and unwearied."

Cicadas said,"No matter you know what we are singing about or not,singging is our lifelong lesson. Only in the sound of singing can we find ourself and get happiness,singing is a way to show our deep love and respect to life!" Then,cicadas began to singing their song again.

Yun thought it supposed to be like that,their song did bring the dreary and scorching summer a hint of vital force and rollick.

Hence,she stopped asking any question.

She knew that,the singing of cicadas would accompany with her and last until this summer finish............


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02:51 AM Dec 19 2010