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December 16, 2010


The story of mood&the charm of Autumn

On an evening of late autumn,the setting sun illuminated on the road. Colorful clouds were like clothes of the afterglow. Autumn dressed up and updated that tree with a golden outerwear.Pieces of yellow leaves were falling down,making the grass rustle.

Yun picked up a piece of leaf and couldn't help asking sortly,"Autumn is a season of harvest,but,, what is my harvest? I put the seeds of my dreams to sow in Spring,let them grow up free in Summer. However,when autumn comes,those dreams are just like the wind,come,then,go soon, fill my heart,then,empty my heart."

That leaf consoled,"You look,the life of our withered leaves is going to the end,but we still live strongly without sorrow and weep until that day we change into soil,then,we will become manure which can contribute our last and little strength to those leaves of new life,our hope and bless are carried on their shouder,in their heart. Therefore,our soul and sprite would be eternal and perpetuate."

That yellow and withered leaf continued,"Perhaps,the past ideals were unable to retrieve,but you can plant new seeds of your dreams from now on. People who own true and sincre heart is needless to be melancholy or worry about nothing to harvest,pack up all your sorrow and gloom,let them fly away with the wind,only left is your hope and bless,beside,just hopefully and patiently wait for the autumn next year deliever you the good news."

Yun,suddenly got a clear feeling inside,in autumn of this year,what she harvested was a heart filled with joyousness.......            

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