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December 19, 2010


The story of mood&the purity of winter

Waking on against the piercing wind,Yun,once more,came to that tree,it seemed that she had some kind of  the indissoluble destiny and bond with that big tree.

In each alternating seasons,she definitely would come to that big tree and get some knowledeg,understand some truth from that big tree.

That big tree didn't grown up a lot,but it had changed its previous costume with a white and tight coat,which coverd by a layer of thick snow.Snowflakes were falling down slowly.

By accident,Yun found that,crystal clear water droplets were rhythmically falling down from its tree trunks as well.

Yun abruptly asked,"Are you crying??""No!" the big tree said,"That's not my tears,I nver cry,that's just the manifestation of my will and desire. I am yearning to thaw the ice and snow cover my body,and trying to apply all my power,in order to,again,open my dust-laden ice-heart  which have been covered for a long time.

Yun wondered,"How do you do that?"The big tree answered with a kind of calm and balanced tone,"Use my warm heart  fiery heart to warm them up. I believe,as long as possess unchangable faith and strong will,day after day,gradually,ice and snow will be melted into drops,and they will break away from my branches and leaves constantly,very soon,I am going to get rebirth again,usher another spring of my life....  "

Yun realilsed something at that time,it turned out to be that, actually, underneath the tree’s indifferent exterior ,there’s a ardent and clinging heart which full of pursuit of life was hidden interior. Moreover,Yun knowed that deeply,that is a kind of pure,gracious heart which other seasons could not compare with……

                        The mood story of Yun&  seasons-series (Over) 

I finally finished the story by the end of this weekend.

Teacher said, try to write more.

I think I should do more practice.

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