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Good Boy

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United States

January 2, 2008

WinkHey, I am the disposition strange person!But I believe, Jesus,Lord Jesus to say, the life truth had to depend on oneself found!Smile

 Tongue outI am a 17 year-old Chinese boy,But I want to go to US to live,I like in this world human, but simultaneously hates them!The woman is the angel?I believed woman's beauty, may melt man's heart!I like letting others see after me may be happy!Laughing

WinkIf your mood not good, or is needs friend's to look for me, I am willing to share your pain and the painful event with you!This is my Email:lord@126.com and good.man73@yahoo.comSurprised

 SmileI am willing to be the friend with you, friends of mine!Cool

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