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July 7, 2009

Long time no see.

It is really a long time that i have not been here.The last login could be  last year.

I am a little busy.Busy to know my new job.Yeah,I started my new job on March.I work in a factory that specialized in auto part.My job is trying to find some foreign clients.We export our produacts to the country.

My major was bunisess english in college,but this job is very new of me,because i have no experience,i just had theoretical knowledge.It hard to begin.So i need to make more efforts to do it well.

So far,the situation is not very good.But i don`t want to give it up.I chose it,then i should insist on it.

I believe everything will be better.

Have a faith!Keep moving!


November 18, 2008

How have you been ?All my friends...

Karry is busy ,,,I seldom have time to come here...

I just hope everybody is well ...

fine day!~

11:32 PM Nov 18 2008



Hi, karry:)

How did you busy?Do your best:)

September 7, 2008


I got promoted today.

I was promoted vice principal of our school.

In your opinion,I should celebrate tonight.However,I am upset.

I don`t care about that,because I will leave here next year...

I wanna change my job.I don`t wanna be a teacher any more....