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October 28, 2006

     Someone says

      when people come into your life ,you will find that they mean to be there ,to teach your a lesson ,to make you find out who you are .

     but some person only come into our life for a season.they teach us something that we have never done .they give us a unbelievable amount of joy ,but only for a season.

 when I first want to love a man ,he has already gone.I miss him very much,even in my dream. I want to tell him'I love you.' but I can't. He gives me a lot of good memories , one I will always value. He teaches  me how to love a people,which I will put into use in all other parts of my life. I still feel sad ,but I know it can't help.He does  not care about me.

He loves other girl ,not me. we will never ......

October 7, 2006

        most of my friends are sitting in the classroom of some  certain colleges ,but I am still a senior high middle school student . I failed in the examination  for  entering the university,but thanks to God ,I have   another chance. I will size opportunity to achieve  the  goal -- a great layer .

   Do you think I am a failer or just a waste of time ?  Many people think what I do just waste time.But since  I made the decision ,I can't  regret .

   Iwill work hard , and believe what I do will be a success . 

Tomrrow is another day, we all have chance, right ?                     

07:52 AM Oct 15 2006

little john

I was a senior high middle school student also.  If you want another chance, take it and study  in some efficient way.    You will be a failer or just a waste of time  ONLY IF YOU AREN'T CONFIDENT, are you!!?  

   FOCUS ON  YOUR GOALS  and  get  them!!!

:-)) have @ good  sudy. 

 little john