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October 28, 2006

     Someone says

      when people come into your life ,you will find that they mean to be there ,to teach your a lesson ,to make you find out who you are .

     but some person only come into our life for a season.they teach us something that we have never done .they give us a unbelievable amount of joy ,but only for a season.

 when I first want to love a man ,he has already gone.I miss him very much,even in my dream. I want to tell him'I love you.' but I can't. He gives me a lot of good memories , one I will always value. He teaches  me how to love a people,which I will put into use in all other parts of my life. I still feel sad ,but I know it can't help.He does  not care about me.

He loves other girl ,not me. we will never ......

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